Get Ready to DIAF!

DIAF is a series of audiobooks presented in podcast format. Written by members of Chat Realm, DIAF stories follow the adventures of Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young.

Content in this podcast is contributed entirely by fans.



Chapter 5: The Great Spider and the White Door

Patrick, Shadowguy, Ronaketh, and Ekaproxy guide Brian and Justin through Chatrealm. Will they finally find their way home?



Chapter 4: Is Your Firewall Up?

The 4Chan Military attacks Chatrealm and Justin and Brian find themselves drawn into the middle of the battle. Can anyone fend off the massive horde of 4Chan?



Chapter 3: Welcome to Chatrealm!

Brian and Justin are saved by Sir Cheeto of the Chat and taken to the kingdom of Chatrealm where they encounter Giggleloop, eSpen the Insane, and Teetu the bard.



Chapter 2: Painted Ceilings

Brian and Justin stumble upon a hidden world beneath the TWiT Cottage. Is it an alien world or are they in The Truman Show? Jim Carrey does such a good job in that movie, it's a good dramedy. Really, more people should watch The Truman Show since it's such an underrated film.



Chapter 1: The Show Begins

The first chapter of the epic fan fiction of NSFW, the TWiT Cottage, and Chat Realm. In this chapter, Brian and Justin get approval from Leo Laporte to run a show on TWiT, venture into the basement of the TWiT Cottage, and make an amazing discovery.


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