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Chapter 1: The Show Begins

Date Published: 2010-12-29
Running Time: 3:38
Presented by: Justin Robert Young and Brian Brushwood

Show Notes:
The first chapter of the epic fan fiction of NSFW, the TWiT Cottage, and Chat Realm.

In this chapter, Brian and Justin get approval from Leo Laporte to run a show on TWiT, venture into the basement of the TWiT Cottage, and make an amazing discovery.

Through the solid oak door muffled voices can be heard. An hour into a meeting with Leo Laporte at the TWiT Cottage, Justin Robert Young nods in acknowledgment as Brian Brushwood flails his arms wildly in the air.

"And then the duck goes wo-" Brian begins to say but is interrupted as Leo raises his hand to signal him to stop. Leo sits up in his chair, his eyes closed in thought.

"Sounds like an interesting show, we don't have any video game shows on TWiT yet, and you two definitely have a presence about you. We will try out this 'NSFW' Show for a couple of weeks and see where things go from there, welcome to TWiT gentlemen." Leo reaches over the desk and shakes Brian and Justin's hands.

"Thank you very much Mr. Laporte," Brian says with glee as all three stand.

"One last thing before you guys head out," Leo raises a finger, "As a tradition with TWiT newbies, we have a bunch of spare gear down in the basement," Leo points the finger straight down, "Why don't you guys go down there and pick out some better equipment for the show, on me."

"That would be awesome, thanks Leo!" Justin yells as they head towards the door. Justin and Brian head down the three flights of stairs into the basement of the TWiT Cottage. In the otherwise dark and empty cellar sit rows of metal shelving filled with boxes of microphones, headsets, mixers, and any other gear you might need to podcast. They each take a shelf and start rummaging through the equipment.

"Hey look at this," Justin holds up a large pink plastic microphone obviously from a happy meal of some sort. "Can you hear me now?" Justin speaks loudly into the microphone and is amazed to hear the echoing of his voice inside the toy, he quickly puts it back into the box next to the old microwave and moves on.

"This one looks pretty good," Brian picks up an expensive looking mic, but fumbles with it, and in his attempts to catch it, inadvertently launches it into the wall. "Ooops," He says as he bends down to pick up the mic, "Whoa, looks like this board is loose." Brian pulls slightly on a large piece of plywood that formed the wall on that side of the room, and it falls off completely.

"What the hell?" Justin says as he puts down the moose antler headset. Behind the plywood sits a pitch black door. "Awesome!" Justin grabs the old, dusty door knob.

"Whoa whoa whoa, what are ya' doing?"

"What could it hurt?" Justin slides the door open and is instantly pulled into the darkness by an invisible force. He grabs Brian's arm, and Brian gets sucked through the doorway also. The dark cedar door slams shut behind them, and the basement sits silent.

This chapter was written by Josh Hilp. Audio editing was provided by Zak Holder.

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