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Chapter 2: Painted Ceilings

Date Published: 2010-12-30
Running Time: 6:25
Presented by: Justin Robert Young and Brian Brushwood

Show Notes:
Brian and Justin stumble upon a hidden world beneath the TWiT Cottage. Is it an alien world or are they in The Truman Show? Jim Carrey does such a good job in that movie, it's a good dramedy. Really, more people should watch The Truman Show since it's such an underrated film.

Justin and Brian begin falling down a grassy hill. Brian screams as leaves and very unlucky insects are impaled on his hair which is up in spikes.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!" Justin rolls ahead of Brian screaming, and then his tone changes rapidly, "Weeeee!!!" and then back again, "Ahhhhh!!!"... "Weeeeeee!!!"... "Ahhhhh!!!" After a long moment of rolling down the steep hill, Justin and Brian slowly come to a stop as the ground levels out at the bottom.

They look up and see a lush countryside with rolling hills, open fields, a distant forest, and a cloudless blue sky.

"W-w-where are we?" Brian stammers out as he looks back up the hill they had fallen down. Justin looks around, and slowly stands up patting down the legs of his pants.

"Yeahhhhhh!!!" He cheers and throws a fist high into the air, "I fucking told you there was something magical about the TWiT Cottage!" He points at Brian triumphantly as Brian stands up and begrudgingly hands Justin $20.

"Yeah fine fine, but still," Brian starts pulling bugs and grass from his hair, "Where the hell are we?"

"Well let's go find out!" Justin smacks Brian on the back and smiles as he tries to decide which direction to go. "What you think Shwoody? Towards that forest, or beyond those hills?"

"Umm..." Brian looks at the forest, and then over at the hills, "hmmm..." He looks back at one, then the other, then back, and again. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a quarter. He flips the coin high into the air, and catches it, he turns it over onto his hand and looks at it. "Heads."

"Alright," Justin looks at Brian in anticipation, "what does heads mean?"

"I don't know, I forget to assign heads a place."

"Alright then, let's make the forest heads, and the hills tails." Justin laughs as he leans up against a tree.

"Sounds good," Brian flips the coin again, and catches it, turns it onto his hand and looks at it close. "Heads again."

"Forest it is, let's go." Justin rubs his hands together and turns towards the distant woods. They start walking across the empty plains as a light breeze picks up across the grass.

"Do you think we are still on Earth?" Brian asks as they hit the halfway point between the hill where they started and the forest on the other side of the plains.

"What do you mean?" Justin turns towards Brian, "Like 'are we on an alien planet?'"

"No, nothing silly like that," Brian laughs and waves that idea off with both arms, "We went through a magical doorway, do you think we might be in a magical realm or something?"

"Well I suppose out of all the possible options that is the most likely, but maybe we just fell into an opening in the crust of the Earth and this is some kind of underground utopia deep inside the Earth." Justin points down signifying the depth they could be at.

"An underground world with a blue sky?"

"Well I don't know the science behind underground civilizations Brian, maybe the sky isn't real, maybe it's a hologram, or a massive painted ceiling like in the Truman Show!" Justin points up at the sky.

"Ooh, I love that movie!" Brian says as he steps over some kind of lizard that seemed annoyed with the two of them.

"Me too! Jim Carrey does such a good job, it's a good dramedy." Justin looks back at the lizard and gives it the evil eye while sticking his tongue out.

"Do you think Leo knows about the magical doorway in the basement of the TWiT Cottage?" Brian asks, eyes wide as he tries to contemplate the possibility of their situation.

"Now that is a tough one," Justin looks up in puzzlement, "If he doesn't know then I would have to ask how he never noticed a big door in the basement, and if he does know then I would be very upset he hasn't shared this awesome-nessity with the rest of the World."

"Both good points, we'll have to ask him if we every make it back." Brian looks forward and sees the beginning of the woods just up ahead, "Hey we almost made it!" He starts to jog forward towards the forest, and Justin follows quickly behind.

"I wonder what kind of super-creatures live around here," Justin says as they stand at the edge of the woods. "Other than that asshole lizard."

"Probably gremlins and a massive horde of demons or something," Brian laughs as he looks into the darkness of the woods. All of a sudden, he stops laughing and looks into the woods with a new fascination.

"What is it?"

"Do you hear that?" Brian whispers as he squats down and looks intently into the woods. Justin grabs the nearest tree and squats down behind it trying to see something in the darkness of the woods. A low roar can be heard coming from the darkness. Brian looks into every corner of the woods, trying to find the source of the sound as it gets louder and louder. Footsteps can be heard now, the crunching of leaves, the breaking of twigs, and the roar continues to get louder. Brian steps up to the nearest tree and hides behind it, still peering into the forest.

Out of the darkness walks a massive creature, standing upright on two large legs, with two arms tipped by sharply clawed hands. It continues to head blankly towards the edge of the woods, straight towards Brian and Justin. Justin looks over at Brian concerned, and Brian focuses forward. The two hide behind the trees until the creature is almost upon them. It stops ten feet short of the edge of the woods and smells the air. It looks at the trees where Brian and Justin are hidden, and releases a massive roar.

This chapter was written by Josh Hilp. Audio editing was provided by Zak Holder.

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